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  • Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered® Coach

  • Yale University, Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Graduate Faculty of The New School for Social Research

Since attaining a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in 2004, Janet has built a successful independent psychotherapy practice. She has coached countless individuals to help them navigate a broad range of business and workplace-related issues, resulting in their personal and professional growth, and greater success and satisfaction.


Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Workplace Solutions, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
Janet Bertoldi, Ph.D.
Executive and Leadership Coach

Janet began her career in advertising where she spent over 20 years in account management, interfacing with agency teams and multi-national clients to develop integrated communications strategies and campaigns. She spent the final 15 years of her advertising career at Young & Rubicam/New York where her last position was Senior Vice President, Group Director. Throughout the course of her advertising career, Janet trained, developed, and managed roughly 100 advertising professionals.

Janet Bertoldi is your partner for powerful, positive, professional change-- similar to having a guide, mentor, confidante, personal trainer, and cheerleader all in one. An organization is dependent on the strength of its leaders, so it is critical to enable their full potential with a diverse set of resources. As leaders achieve greater success, so will their teams and organizations.


Very few coaches are accomplished in business and psychology. Janet brings the unique value of her combined knowledge and expertise within these two disciplines to help leaders maximize their potential, and effect powerful and sustainable behavioral change by focusing on the future, fostering individual performance in a business context, and helping them discover their own path.


As a coach, Janet understands how individual differences can affect performance, motivation, and learning. She helps clients identify how such dynamics affect professional performance, as well as the team and organization at large. Her clinical training in "what makes people do what they do" will help executives attain heightened self-awareness and relational intelligence, resulting in greater professional affectiveness. Janet engages with both seasoned leaders and new managers to develop a personalized action plan that serves as a roadmap to maximizing success.

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