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Stakeholder Centered Coaching was developed by world-renowned business educator, coach, and best-selling author Marshall Goldsmith based upon his global best-practice philosophy and methodologies. This process guarantees improvement of key leadership behaviors as evaluated by pre-selected Stakeholders, and coaching fees are based upon measurable improvement.


The coaching process is centered around three key principles:

      1. Place attention and focus on the Stakeholders of the person being coached--Primary attention is on              the Stakeholders who are affected by the behavior the leader is attempting to change

       2. Emphasize "feedforward"-- "Feedforward" turns feedback on its head. These future-oriented

            suggestions for improvement are actionable and designed to facilitate positive change going forward.


       3. Change behavior and perception in parallel-- It is necessary for a leader to change, and it is also                       necessary for those people around the leader to “see” the change and believe the leader will sustain                   the change in behavior

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching® is neither time consuming nor difficult to understand. Yet, it is not easy. Any leader who is willing to follow this methodology will need to have

enough courage, humility, and discipline to succeed; yet any leader who follows this coaching process will improve in his, or her, leadership.


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